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Cell phone Roaming and Data Awareness

– Data Usage when Roaming can result in huge surprise billing accounts. (up to R20 000)
– Smartphone software and applications may sometimes do automatic updates without the user’s knowledge.
– A 4 Megabyte Email may result in an easy R 100 billing – one email.
– Different data charges apply do different networks and geographical areas. (Some foreign networks may charge up to R 117 per/mg.)
– Smartphone and Tablets (Apple & Samsung) does have a “Data Roaming” and “Cellular

Data” setting that can be switched off – Remember that this could be a risk as the devise
might default its setting after a restart.

The following solutions

– Set your “Data Roaming” and “Cellular Data” settings to only call and receive phone
calls and sms’s
– Remove Sim card form device and only use wifi.
– Buy preloaded simcard from you Travel Agent for use upon arrival (certain countries only)
– Buy a local simcard with preloaded pay-as-you-go scheme in arrival country in the
airport or local supermarkets. (Always check the correct size that the devise requires i.e. Micro Simcard etc.)
– Sms Roaming would be an alternative which means you can only send and receive sms’s.

Always contact your service provider before you leave the country:

– Vodacom – 082 111 (individual); 082 1940 (corporate)
– Mtn – 083 173
– Cell C – 084 140
– 8ta – 081 180
– Nashua Mobile – 0861 412 412
– Autopage Cellular – 0860 232 424
– Supercall Cellular – 011 280 7000


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