[post_grid id=”253″] Cell phone Roaming and Data Awareness – Data Usage when Roaming can result in huge surprise billing accounts. (up to R20 000) – Smartphone software and applications may sometimes do automatic updates without the user’s knowledge. – A 4 Megabyte Email may result in an easy R 100 billing – one email. – Different data charges apply do different networks and geographical areas. (Some foreign networks may charge up to R 117 per/mg.) – Smartphone and Tablets (Apple & Samsung) does have a “Data Roaming” and “Cellular Data” setting that can be switched off – Remember that this
Travel tips Book in advance If you don’t know by now, Megabus offers seats for as low as $1 each way between select cites. But these elusive $1 fares go quickly, and the price goes up as demand increases. Don’t wait until the cost of your bus fare is nearly as much as a plane ticket – the appeal of the bus is that it’s cheap! Book as far in advance as you can to get the best rate. Know before you go Get the scoop on what your bus offers in terms of power outlets and wi-fi so that
Germany – The Churches of Bavaria I have a passion for churches and cathedrals. Perhaps because they breathe something out of this world, something heavenly, totally different from what we experience in our day-to-day life; perhaps it is due to the romanticism attached to it; perhaps because they convey something pertaining to common humanity; surely also because they are visible manifestations of what man is capable of through his intellect, mind and spirit: comforting spaces and majestic, overwhelming structures. The churches found in Bavaria, the southern province of Germany, are splendid examples surely not to be missed when visiting this
Germany – Castles of Bavaria My wife and I once stayed in a guest house in a small village about a kilometer or two away from the enchanting castle Neuschwanstein – King Ludwig’s masterpiece – with imposingly towers high above the valley below. King Ludwig was an enigmatic person; someone who became king at the age of 18, but who soon became alienated from his royal duties, escaping into worlds of the imagination which he tried to create by building extraordinary castles. In them the influence of Wagner’s operas, in which he saw all his romantic dreams realized, is remarkably
Croatia Croatia is a central European country becoming one of the prime destinations during the last decade or two. A few of the reasons, amongst others, for this popularity are: * Beautiful and unique natural scenery in the country’s diverse regions, such as a striking coastline with gorgeous beaches and many idyllic islands, eight national parks, lakes and breath taking waterfalls, mountains and valleys, rare birds and wildlife. * Inviting weather, especially along the coast, with an abundance of sunshine and long days during summer, even in spring, when it is still comfortable for partaking in outdoor activities and water