About Us

TRAVELinform is the brainchild of enthusiastic goal travellers who would like to share
their passion with others. A comprehensive interactive information library, sharing
specialised travel knowledge on Cities and Countries, Cultures and Customs, Food and
Wine, Festivals and Fantasies, Art and Architecture to name only a few. Add some handy
travel trips, travel maps and currencies conversions and many other tested travel tools,
and play and experience a user-friendly, all-inclusive travel blog.

Connecting travellers with a passion for people and places
Knowledgeable travel experts will assist on the interactive member’s forum: forwarding
advice on destinations and modes of travel, hot spots and travel news coverage,
weather, seasonal and adventure travel, etiquette, customs and health matters,
access to books and maps on any destination, luggage and other travel-related
accessories, what to do when and where, linking to a multitude of foreign travel boards
for first hand, detailed information, a real travel potpourri to assist the realization
of all your travel dreams.

All the destinations covered in the multitude of travel stories, are true real-life personal
travel experiences of Johann and Manie, both with a special passion for compelling
people and unusual places.

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TRAVELinform is powered and affiliated with TRAVELwithus specialist travel consulting.